• National Geographic Day Tours now available online, at travel agencies and in destination, direct to travellers, independent of a holiday package.
  • Diverse range of one-day and half-day itineraries for beach holidays and city breaks inspired by National Geographic’s spirit of exploration.
  • Unique experiences – from Lanzarote’s volcanic vineyards and New York’s “Little Caribbean”, to Julius Cesar’s Rome and Cancun’s stunning cenotes.
  • All tours are operated by TUI, led by National Geographic-trained guides and adhere to GSTC criteria.
  • TUI’s Tours & Activities partners can add National Geographic Day Tours to their experiences offering.
  • New National Geographic Day Tours dedicated distribution platform launched, powered by TUI.

National Geographic Day Tours, a collection of one-day and half-day itineraries inspired by National Geographic’s spirit of exploration and adventure, are now available to book online, in travel agencies and in destination, and for the first time can be purchased directly by travellers, independent of any holiday package. Operated by TUI, ensuring a seamless and responsible travel experience, Day Tours are designed in collaboration with National Geographic Expeditions and incorporate unique elements and the captivating storytelling of National Geographic, with a focus on nature, science, conservation, education, culture, gastronomy and history. Many of the tours offer special access to areas closed to the general public, and feature subject matter experts, such as archaeologists, marine biologists, chefs, farmers, photographers, historians and scholars.

Over 40 new land experiences are now available in beach and city destinations, with further tours in development. Destinations operating National Geographic Day Tours include Barcelona, Cancun, Crete, Paphos, New York, Naples, Tenerife and many more. All National Geographic Day Tours are conducted in small groups, follow the strict criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and are led by National Geographic-trained guides. The launch of National Geographic Day Tours reinforces TUI’s strategic focus on Tours & Activities as a key growth area for the business.

“National Geographic Day Tours are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, with something for everyone, whether you’re a beach enthusiast or a city explorer. These are carefully crafted tours that tell stories of their destinations, honouring the National Geographic legacy and providing top quality, authentic, local experiences.” says Peter Ulwahn, CEO of TUI Musement, the Tours & Activities division of TUI Group. “Developing and operating unique, differentiated products is a key part of TUI Musement’s growth strategy and we are excited to continue this with National Geographic Expeditions.”

Travelling with National Geographic Day Tours helps to support the work of the global community of National Geographic Explorers around the world since a portion of the proceeds from every tour goes to the global non-profit National Geographic Society. These funds support National Geographic in its work to protect and illuminate our world through exploration, research, and education.

“National Geographic Day Tours immerse travellers in extraordinary locales and distinctive cultures, all of which are brought to life through the incredible knowledge and brilliant storytelling of National Geographic-trained guides. With new itineraries added to our ever-growing portfolio, the tours can be booked directly by travellers as they explore the world,” said Nancy Schumacher, Senior vice President and General Manager, National Geographic Expeditions.

National Geographic Day Tours can be booked online at TUI Experiences, TUI Musement, and National Geographic Day Tours by TUI, a new online distribution platform developed and powered by TUI for National Geographic Day Tours. The experiences can also be purchased at TUI travel agents, via the TUI app and direct in destination via TUI reps. Furthermore, TUI’s Tours & Activities partners, including leading OTAs, hotels, travel agents and airlines, can choose to add National Geographic Day Tours to their offering. The expanded launch follows this year’s successful roll out of National Geographic Day Tours in the cruise industry, distributed to multiple cruise lines through TUI subsidiary Intercruises Shoreside & Port Services. The tours received very positive feedback from customers.

View the experiences online now:

Strong booking trends for winter sun destinations and a growing portfolio of city break offerings will enable a significant number of TUI customers to immediately participate in one of the newly released National Geographic Day Tours, such as:

Paris: The City of Book Lovers
*Ignite your passion for books as your historian guide takes you on a journey through Paris’s literary history and some of its most notable book-related sites.
*Visit the most important spaces in the Bibliotheque Nationale Française, one of the finest libraries in Europe.
*Exclusive to National Geographic travellers, talk to the owner of one of the UNESCO-protected bookshops around the Seine river, a ‘Bouquiniste’, and learn first-hand about their enduring trade and their significant role in the Parisian landscape.
*Enjoy a guided visit to Shakespeare and Co, one of the most emblematic bookstores in Paris and once a hub for influential writers.

New York: The Untold Story of Central Park
*Discover the history of Central Park with a National Geographic-trained guide specialising in African American history, on a walking tour focusing on the Seneca Village area.
*Learn about the people that lived within one of New York’s biggest communities of African Americans.
*Examine the creation of Central Park from the concept and design to the implementation.
*See the site of the archaeological digs in Central Park, uncovering this little-known history.

Barcelona: Unveiling Gaudí’s Hidden Treasures
*Enjoy exclusive early access to Gaudí’s Casa Milà, to admire its daring architecture and visit areas not usually open to the public.
*Gain insights from a specialist, National Geographic-trained guide who will introduce you to the history, construction, and unique features of Casa Milà, as well as its architect, Antoni Gaudí.
*Experience parts of the building typically off-limits, such as a private period-furnished apartment and the restricted-access basement and auditorium.
*Take an exclusive ride in the historic early 20th-century elevator to the terrace for panoramic vistas of Barcelona and a close-up look at the iconic twisted chimneys.
*Conclude the tour with a Mediterranean breakfast and coffee at the building’s cafeteria, offering an authentic taste of the region.

Rome: Discovering the Rome of Julius Caesar
*Explore Julius Caesar’s significance in Roman history, visiting symbolic locations from his birth to his assassination, encompassing ancient and contemporary power, drawing on National Geographic’s studies of his military prowess and societal impact.
*With your Roman history guide and archaeologist, get off the beaten track and discover Caesar’s main contribution to the Eternal City: the Roman Forum, a monumental complex commissioned by Caesar in 54 BC.
*Have lunch on a restaurant standing where history was made at Largo di Torre Argentina, where Caesar met his fate on the Ides of March.

Lisbon: Oceanário Odyssey, A Behind-the-Scenes Experience
*Witness the work of Lisbon’s Oceanário from a different perspective, learning about animal care, feeding routines, and their daily lives.
*This tour is led by a marine biologist with a specialist knowledge on all the animals living in the oceanarium.
*Discover the Oceanário Foundation’s collaborative sustainability initiatives with National Geographic, gaining valuable insights into their impactful conservation projects.

Lanzarote: Volcanic Beauty of Lanzarote, Photography Tour
*Capture Lanzarote’s volcanic scenery through photographic storytelling, powered by National Geographic.
*A National Geographic-trained guide will share knowledge of the areas you will visit, and a National Geographic-trained photography guide will share theory and practical tips to help you improve your photography in the field.
*With the guidance of a National Geographic-trained photography guide, learn tips and techniques while exploring the otherworldly landscapes and natural splendour of Lanzarote, including Timanfaya National Park, El Golfo and Salinas de Janubio.
*Your photos will be assessed throughout the tour, and the best photo will be given the recognition they deserve by the professional photographer at the end of the tour, while enjoying a drink at Salinas de Janubio’s terrace.

Tenerife: History of Wine in the Canary Islands
*Discover the history of Canarian wine from local winemakers while visiting two family-run vineyards.
*Visit Bodegas Viñático, which works to protect the native grape varieties used to create unique local wines—and taste them.
*Visit Bodegas El Sitio, a self-sufficient winery in the use of energy, committed to sustainability.
*Enjoy a traditional, rustic meal paired with local wine, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Mallorca: Marine Treasures of Mallorca: The Posidonia Oceanica
*Explore the unspoiled Mediterranean waters off the coast of Mallorca on a tour inspired by the work of National Geographic’s Pristine Seas project, which aims to protect the last wild places in our oceans.
*Learn from a marine biologist about the “Lungs of the Mediterranean” – Posidonia Oceanica and its contribution to biodiversity and the maintenance of a healthy marine ecosystem.
*Explore the Malgrats Islands by kayaking, a responsible, human-powered water sport that has zero impact on the marine environment.
*See the underwater world, including the Posidonia meadows, from your kayak. Optional snorkelling around the protected area of the Malgrats Islands.
*Learn how each of us can play a part in protecting the marine protected areas and the Posidonia meadows, by raising awareness of their role in the battle against global warming, as featured in the National Geographic documentary, ‘Pristine Seas: The Power of Protection’.

Crete:  Discover the Cretan Farm Life
*Celebrate Crete’s gastronomy by spending the day with a local family. Get hands-on with the daily farm routine, gaining an insight into traditional island life.
*The farm-owners will personally welcome guests to their home and spend the day with them, sharing insights about the local produce, the challenges of farming, the benefits to the ecosystem, and the family’s hopes and concerns.
*Get involved in the daily life of the farm – baking bread, collecting eggs, taking care of the animals, preparing a Cretan meal and even going on an exclusive hunt for snails, only offered to National Geographic travellers.
*Enjoy a cooking lesson of a traditional Cretan recipe while engaging with local culture through folklore, listening to local stories and songs.

Cancun: Unveiling the Importance of Cancun’s Reefs Restoration
*Sail along Cancun’s coast accompanied by marine specialists and oceanographers. Identify bleached corals, learn about reef restoration, and support sustainable tourism.
*Snorkel Cancun’s coastal wonders to learn about sustainable marine practices and how you can contribute to the restoration of our natural environment.
*Uncover the relationship between human activity, global warming, and the delicate local fauna as you discover part of one of the world’s largest coral reef systems and see the effects of bleaching firsthand.
*Connect to the National Geographic-sponsored Pristine Seas project, inspiring you to protect the last wild places in our oceans.

For more than 135 years, National Geographic Explorers have ventured across continents and into remote cultures, down to the oceans’ depths and up the highest mountains to further their understanding of the world. National Geographic Expeditions builds upon this legacy, inviting travellers to embrace their inner explorer and encounter the wonders of the world first-hand — up close and in depth — and be inspired by the experience. With many ways to explore the world via Signature Land, Expedition Cruise, River Cruise, or Private Jet, National Geographic Expeditions gives travellers unparalleled access to the world through the eyes of knowledgeable Experts. Additionally, travelling with National Geographic Expeditions helps further the work of the global community of National Geographic Explorers around the world. Every trip booked helps support the global non-profit National Geographic Society in its work to protect and illuminate our world through exploration, research, and education. For information on National Geographic Expeditions, please visit National Geographic Expeditions or follow along at @natgeoexpeditions.


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